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ADAO as an Agency has earned the sought-after red Google Premier Partner Badge, but what does that actually mean to you and our clients?

To put it simply… we rock in the online advertising world. However it isn’t as simple as being good, we ensure our team is knowledgeable within each industry we work with and work directly with Google representatives to gain valuable insights for each individual client. This enriches our client’s experience and helps us to provide high-quality advice and information on where you should be spending your monthly budget to get the greatest return.

How We Received The Google Premier Partner Badge

Almost any agency who uses Google’s AdWords/Analytics tools can become a Google Partner but what makes us “Premier” is that we consistently meet Google requirements in both spend and campaign growth and this allows us to work long term ensuring our client accounts are meeting their full potential in relation to spend.

Additionally, within the agency, there must be a minimum of two employees who hold the required Google AdWords Certifications. We at ADAO are always certified in search, mobile and display advertising and we also have in-house specialists in Google Analytics, Shopping Campaigns and Mobile Websites providing our clients with a full digital service.

We understand that passing an exam doesn’t make you an expert in the real world and this is why we make sure everyone involved with advertising campaigns has notable experience with handling, managing and optimising digital marketing campaigns and with our variety of experience and skillset we ensure all bases are covered for whatever campaign you want to run.

What are the benefits of working with a Premier Partner?

The Google Premier Partner Badge means that an agency knows how to manage larger account spend and offer a return on investment that is significant in relation. The acknowledged certification and knowledge from all account managers reinforces the Agencies expertise when using the Google advertising tools.

ADAO works closely with Google to gain industry insights providing valuable information on how your paid campaigns should be structured in order to result in the greatest return on investment in relation to your budget.

If you want to learn more about our digital marketing specialism click here.

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