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Google Elevator event at Google’s HQ in London was certainly something. Adao marketing team had an absolute blast, soaked with useful insight and positive vibes.

Google Elevator is a elite Partner Agency program aiming at improving efficiency and maximizing the client’s results with Google AdWords. As a Google Partner and one of the top agencies in the country we’ve been invited to participate in prestigious event which is a marvellous highlight for the project.
What is Google Elevator Event
Google spoiled agencies present on the event, with number of marketing and strategy guru speakers and showered them with crucial data. We’ve learned how to manage our strategy and client relations even more efficiently and effectively. Google never fails to supply us with innovative approaches to advertising and promoting more client friendly approach to marketing.

This time we’ve been reminded that one of the mail pillars of internet marketing are not transactions we initiate but relationships we create. Rightfully Google puts great emphasis on the relationship their partner agencies form with the companies and keeps reminding us that behind each brand we promote, there are people that we work with.

Brilliant talks by Sarah Logan, Robert Craven and Dave Armstrong helped many agencies to understand “second” bottom of online advertising in the grand scheme of things. Top example was approaching terribly expensive keyword pools such as “Mortgage” and replacing them with intent packed phrases “best places to live in the UK” or “areas with the best school”. Using remarketing functionality, we and our clients can now reach people who made these searches even couple of months after the search when they decide to move.
Mobile platforms dominated desktop, that was inevitable and mobilegeddon only confirmed it. World is going mobile, Internet is going mobile, Google is going mobile…


Benefits of Google Partner Status for us and our clients
On the top of awesome events hosted at Google HQ, we are in constant touch with Google Business Development and AdWords Technical teams, running updated and account overviews for our clients to ensure best efficiency and performance. Additionally, we gain access to agency vouchers and sometimes even Google Products that are still in beta (cool). Google Partner Agencies’ clients undergo periodical business opportunities reviews as well as AdWords campaign maintenance sessions.
In order for us to keep the status of Google Partner, our agency has to undergo scheduled overviews and keep the highest possible level of quality and effectiveness of our campaigns. Additionally, we stay in close relationship with Google business development and AdWords administration teams who provide us with useful insights.
Takeaways for us

Main points for us to remember and action:

Mobile platforms are future
Optimise for touch, design light and clear, form an easy to digest message

Advertising is not only about numbers but about people. Creating the material and business strategy with emotions and relationships in mind is one more step towards the success.

Help clients to make educated and “beyond now” decisions
One of our duties as an agency is to guide our clients in their internet marketing strategy. Little things can be incredibly relevant in the future. Let’s always seek the bottom line and possible opportunities within.


We are looking forward to next Google Partners event! Thanks Google!


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