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Google+ The 30 second lowdown

Google+ is a new Social Network launched by Google that is attempting to gain a significant percentage of Facebook traffic.  The basic principles of Google+ are very similar to Facebook but there are a few small differences that set the platforms apart. Most notable are both the ‘Circles’ and the ‘Hangout’ features.  Google has big plans for the + platform, you can find a single page overview here with some insightful videos. Google+ also provides a range of features that can benefit businesses and this is what we will concentrate in this post.

Adao Google plus Graphic

Personal Search has Major Implications

Google is the de facto Search Engine of choice for most people (91% of all UK searches) If you are logged into Google and make a search, you will notice a +1 button within the result listings.  This button allows you to easily share content with one click from the Search Results.  On the flip side, those in your circles will also receive content highlighted in Search Results from those within their circles and from companies they follow on Google+.

Simply put: You have more chance of being found on Google Search Results and seen by potential and active customers because of an active Google+ Business page.


Hanging Out

Hangouts within Google+ allow for Real-time video chat through your Google+ business page.  These are free and do not require special registration.

Hangouts can be great for:

Simply put: Communicate via video chat through Google+ to customers and suppliers.


Circle of Trust

Unlike Facebook, Google+ allows businesses to follow people who follow their page.  When a follower puts you in their circle they always see your posts.

Circles can be a great way of communicating with your customers and even separate them into different groups.  For example a coffee shop could send “early bird offers” for commuters who drop in for a quick take away coffee on the way to work and “lunch offers” for regular lunchtime visitors.

Simply put: Customers who follow your company can view your posts (or messages).  You can organise your customers into groups called circles.


The Conclusion

Google+ is still fairly new and the user base is still growing (although this is already at 100+ million). Although this is the case, you have the opportunity to get ahead of your competitors, understand and grasp Google+ for your business.  We cannot ignore this powerful new platform; Google definitely has the resource to make this work. As already indicated, Google+ has the power to affect search results, with this addition; many businesses will have to understand the significant value potential for business this offers.

If you are feeling a little lost, don’t fret, Adao is here to help.  If you would like to understand how your business could benefit from Google+ or would like help setting up your profile, feel free to give us a call on 0800 6125 611.

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View our step-by-step video guide to setting up a Google+ Page for your business:



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