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The Adao* team is growing and we rarely get chance to introduce our new team members to the world, so we thought that we’d write a quick blog post to introduce our newest team member Ian Nunnally.



There is always something new to learn. Whether you are just starting out or have 40 years of experience, if you keep an open mind there is nothing that you can’t learn.


I’m still new and learning in the field of online marketing, but I am really enjoying constructing campaigns and using Google AdWords.

What do you bring to the Adao* team?

I come to the team as a blank slate, ready to learn all I can about SEO/marketing. I already have a passion for customer behaviour and how companies advertise to unique demographics.

With this passion and eagerness to learn I bring enthusiasm and the future prospectus of an internet marketer.

Favourite Film?

Sin City, I love the cinematography. The use of colour, black and white and silhouettes goes hand in hand with the interlocking dark stories.


I like looking at new technologies and how we are developing new innovations to improve and/or change the way humans live. Outside of work, I enjoy climbing and outdoor activities.

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