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Paid call tracking solutions such as Infinity Cloud or Response Tap allow us to go beyond traditional forms of online only conversion tracking and have a fuller overview fo the client’s conversion funnel to include often valuable calls. They are particularly beneficial for the clients that heavily rely on receiving a good percentage of convertible phone calls.

A key consideration, is the deep integration with data collection and tracking platforms – GA or AdWords. One of the biggest USPs for this solution is the fact that it allows us to track the calls from landline or mobile phones over the period of time from the same user – cross device tracking. Currently,  Google’s solution of this kind of offline conversion tracking is based largely on estimates and data analysis. Dynamic call tracking allows accurate tracking of the leads and also tracking the conversions back to their actual source.

Example call data recorded


In practice, each call that’s placed can be tracked back to the point where client had a first contact with the brand. It could have been a standard Google search, paid ad or banner or a combination. This gives us a better insight in the most relevant conversion and traffic drivers for the business. Instead of relying on estimates, we can now trace the source of leads coming in form of calls.


Understanding the Search Terms Used

Thanks to advanced data collection features of call tracking platforms, we are able to determine the exact keyword or phrase by which user found business or service. Integrating the data with paid search strategy, allows the campaign manager to better place budgets towards keywords that are most effective and drive conversions.


Keyword clicks example


Call tracking platforms provide the business with truly powerful data that strongly compliments Google Analytics. It’s possible to divide the traffic by channel and conversion with the main focus on calls. Businesses that rely primarily on call conversions could even use the platforms as a standalone tool.  Often call tracking platforms record phone calls that come through the VOIP system.  This means that recordings can easily be replayed for sales and customer care training.


Another big USP is creation of the separate number pools for the specific purpose such as email campaign. This is just another addition to the conversion optimisation of the internet marketing campaign.


Overall, paid tracking solution offers a wide range of data tracking options and is a strong addition to the conversion optimisation arsenal for any business. It will provide the agency with valuable tool and insights needed to build the strategy and optimise advertising campaigns with a focus on conversions.


The process of implementation on the website is usually fairly simple requiring the addition of a  tracking code to the header of the website. In addition, phone numbers on the website are replaced with a snippet of code that will dynamically display the number depending on the visitor. Presently, these platforms will allow integrating more than one phone number on the website.

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