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The Adao* team is growing and we rarely get chance to introduce our new team members to the world, so we thought that we’d write a quick blog post to introduce our newest team member Phill “Hippl” Cresswell.

I graduated about a year ago from Portsmouth University with a BA in Graphic Design, and picked up an ISTD award (Member of the International Society of Typographic Designers) along the way.

Design Philosophy?
Know your history, and know what’s around the corner – then you can prepare for both

Typographic demon, Print Media, Infographics, maybe even a bit of CSS if you’re lucky

What do you bring to the Adao* team?
Coming from a background that holds branding in high regard, I’ve gathered a wealth of experience that can be applied throughout print, web and SEO/marketing. I’m also a fan of design that makes you think – if you want something a little off the beaten track, I’m your guy.

Oh, and the notorious Crazy eyes glare

Favourite film?
Pulp Fiction, every time; The Wolf is one cool customer

I collect music like it’s Pokémon and play Pokémon like it’s still the 90s; and if I see something Pantone-themed, it’s gotta be mine

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