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Setting up Magento with WorldPay can be a real pain, and surprisingly there is very little on this in regards to documentation or guides. So us lovely chaps at Adao* decided to write a blog post explaining how to set it all up in Worldpay and Magento to get them working together.

Worldpay Settings

Log into Worldpay Merchant Admin:

Installations > Integration Setup for your Test / Live payment gateway

The things you need to create or make a note of are:

The things you need to create and take a note of are:

The things you need to edit are:


Magento Settings

Now, we go into Magento to setup the payment gateway there.

Login to your Magento Admin and go to:

System > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods

There should be “Worldpay Credit Card” as an option. Open it up and do the following:



Adao* are experienced web developers who specialise in eCommerce sites such as Magento and OpenCart. If you have any requirements at all, please feel free to contact us.

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