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Adao attended the local Rugby FSB Breakfast meeting today and enjoyed an informative presentation on social media for smaller businesses.

It struck me how many different types of businesses each needing to make their own decisions and create a personalised strategy behind Social Media.  It can often be a very confusing world for the SME that is often chasing their tail to simply survive with their own business, let alone keep up with all the developments in a fast moving online world.

Although Facebook and Twitter maybe the common check boxes, it’s not wrong to say no if they don’t make real business sense.  It’s important to first understand the options and look at the advantages and the value of investment.  Although some forms of social media exposure are beneficial to companies, it can be damaging and costly to approach a social media campaign the wrong way.

If you have trouble understanding the best formula for your business, or how to get involved in the “buzz”, you are better to start by working with a company who can take time to understand your business, create a realistic strategy. (Like Adao, ok bit of self promotion slipped in there!)

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