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Search engine optimisation is always key for a website, whether new or old. We here at ADAO want to help you and your business grow and get the recognition you deserve so we want to provide you with some of the top things you should be looking into over 2017 in order to better your SEO strategy (search engine optimisation).

Accelerated Mobile Pages (Google AMP Project)

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP, is something new to 2016 but with recent and further developments towards the project, overall interest has increased over the past year.

AMP Project Google Trends

AMP in its basic is an HTML structure you apply to your site in order to allow certain areas of your site, most commonly articles or blogs, to load instantly after being selected from a SERP (Search engine results page).

Using AMP could result in a better interaction rate from users, and lead to longer sessions as sites with a load time of longer than 4 seconds can have up to a 60% user drop off rate.

Voice Search

Voice search is the fastest growing type of search! Did you know, right now 55% of teens and 41% of adults use voice search on a daily basis? With modern day technology and software voice recognition software used, search doesn’t just search your words, it is able to interpret the meaning and context behind the words you are using.

Using your voice to search can be used in so many different scenarios; from finding out the weather, finding directions to unknown locations, making important calls and so much more. Are you and your site ready for the voice search revolution?

Video vs Text Content

Video has always been on the rise, but surprisingly longer text based content is on the decline. For many years now search engines have usually favoured longer and more detailed content as this is usually what consumers are searching for. However with new ways content is being digested on social media and how consumers are searching, they are more likely to favour shorter and straight to the point content.

People are also more in favour of visual representations of information. This means images, gifs and especially video are on their way up in marketing and SEO. YouTube has reported that video consumption rises 100% every year! A video is a great way to create engagement, show people that you are a real person and show your personality.

In summary, visual representation accompanied with short amounts of text should lead to a higher ranking as well as a better engagement rate.

Artificial Intelligence & SEO

With the release RankBrain from Google, people have been wondering how Artificial Intelligence will affect SEO. Although Rankbrain is the third most important algorithm, Google uses it in its creation of their search engine results pages. Gary Illyes revealed that while RankBrain is “touching” all the search results, it doesn’t necessarily change the order or how those results appear for many searches.

So how does AI come into play? We believe that with consumers searching longer phrases, AI is used to help understand long-tailed keywords used in websites so that the most relevant webpages are displayed. AI will mean consumers will need to start working on greater, more valuable pieces of content that are optimised for how humans (and subsequently computers) interpret, comprehend and learn from and share information online.

User Experience (Ux)

User experience covers a lot of aspect of a website. However, when it comes to UX in relation to SEO and ranking, we are looking at how webpages perform based on:


Conclusions –

There are many aspects you need consider over the course of 2017. Of course, the impotency of SEO tactics/trends are all subjective however we believe with our expertise and experience these 5 trends could vastly improve both your site and your ranking on search engine results pages in 2017.

If you are looking to further improve your website’s ranking within orgnic sources get in touch with ADAO today

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