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Our creative agency has worked hard over the years to earn the much sought-after red Google Premier Partner Badge, but what does that actually mean to our agency and our clients?

What should your business consider when partnering with an agency for PPC management?

It can be a big step for a business to trust a digital agency with marketing budget (advertising spend), but how much research are you investing in the first instance when looking towards trusted digital agencies to manage your PPC campaigns? Are you seeking out case studies, evaluating credentials and qualifications before committing to a PPC campaign for your business? 

Any digital agency can claim to offer PPC as a service provision and there are worryingly – no barriers to entry. How many digital agencies actually have the credentials and capability to execute PPC campaigns effectively? The Google Premier Partner badge not only serves to add the seal of approval for a digital agency providing PPC as a service, but should also be a key factor in the decision making process for businesses seeking out PPC advertising support.

Why does it matter for a PPC agency to hold the Google Premier Partner status?

Our team at ADAO has retained it’s Google Premier Partner status for over 5 years now. It’s more than a badge or stamp of approval for us; it’s an honour to hold but even more importantly, highly rewarding for our clients. 

To achieve our Google Premier Partner status, it’s not simply a case of being good at what we do. We ensure each member of our team is highly trained, and dynamic enough to comfortably build out PPC campaigns for clients operating across multiple sectors. Each of our team members has to hold at least two Google AdWords Certifications, which have to be re-taken each year in accordance with the standards and retention of the Google Premier Partner status. This allows our team to stay one foot ahead of the rest. Our team at ADAO are always certified in the essentials of search, and display advertising and we also have in-house specialists in Google Analytics and Shopping Campaigns providing our clients with a well rounded PPC service delivery.

We understand that passing an exam doesn’t make you an expert in the real world and this is why we make sure everyone involved with advertising campaigns has the required experience with handling, managing and optimising digital marketing campaigns and with our variety of experience and skillset we ensure all bases are covered for whatever campaign our clients are looking to execute.

Almost any agency who uses Google’s AdWords/Analytics tools can become a Google Partner but what makes us “Premier” is that we consistently meet Google requirements in both spend and campaign growth and this allows us to work long term ensuring our client accounts are meeting their full potential in relation to spend. Our agency has over 60 live and active PPC accounts with a total advertising spend of over £1million per annum within our PPC Manager Account. 

What are the benefits of working with a Google Premier Partner?

The Google Premier Partner Badge confirms that our agency has the relevant credentials (on paper) to manage large account spends, and to effectively deliver optimal performance for clients to gain the best ROI from ad spend invested.

Our PPC experts work closely with Google and (through being a Premier Partner) we have access to a Google Representative with expert sector specific insights as well as Beta features which are rolled out exclusively on our client accounts. This keeps our client accounts ahead of the competition, being the first to gain access to cutting edge features through the Google Ads platform.



How do I discover more?

Our PPC service is outlined here. We’d love to discover more about how you wish to generate improved conversions through the power of paid advertising. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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