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How it works, not what it looks like

Wireframes act like the scaffolding or blueprints for your website. They’re often made of generic-looking outlines and boxes, but the point isn’t what they look like – they’re highlighting the general layout, what types of content to include, where buttons should go, and how pages link up with each other.

It can be particularly useful to undergo a wireframing stage if you have a complex website or app that requires a large amount of forethought before investing in jaw-dropping visuals.


Sitemaps for Success

Sometimes you need help seeing the wood for the trees, and need some advice of what pages to include in the first place! A sitemap can do just that – it’s a diagram of all the important pages on your website, what order they appear in and what hierarchy they take.

A sitemap is a helpful tool for planning and designing a user-friendly and effective website. It helps you organise your content and navigation in a way that makes sense for your users and your goals. A sitemap also helps you identify any gaps or overlaps in your content and avoid unnecessary complexity or confusion.

Adao can help! We can create and suggest a sitemap for you based on user research and experience – depending on how far along you are in your website journey, a sitemap can also be a very helpful way to create a scope of work and provide a more accurate quote for a full website.

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