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What Is User Research?

UX user research is all about understanding what users need, like, and why they do what they do when using a product or service. It helps make designs that really work for users and solve actual problems. User research can be done in lots of ways – like interviews, surveys, watching people use a website, testing how easy elements are to use, looking at analytical data, and more.

How We Can Help

Web Analytics

We can gather and analyse data from your website, allowing you to see the demographics of users, page views, and funnels of how users move through your site and where they drop off.


A website heatmap is a visual way to see how visitors engage with each part of your website. It reveals which areas receive more clicks and keep your visitor’s interest.

A/B Testing

Comparing two versions of the same web page to see which one converts users more can be really helpful. It’s a great way to test button placements, colours, banners, and other elements on your website.


The Personal Touch

Personas are a great tool for building empathy and keeping the user at the centre of the design of your website. A persona is a made-up character that represents certain traits and qualities of real users. In UX, personas are an important tool for really understanding your target audience.

Even though personas are made-up, they should be based on facts and data about real users. This is obtained through user research and behavioural data.

We can help to create user personas for your website before you go head-first into a new project, and make recommendations based on your users.

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