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User Experience and User Interface Design

Your website not only needs to work to satisfy the requirements of internal stakeholders, but most importantly the end users who you want to convert. The best way to create a website for your business which works to achieve an optimum conversion rate is to understand these end users, their behaviour and the pathways they take across your website.

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UX Design Process

Our creative team undertake a number of approaches to achieve a level of understanding around how users behave across your website, beyond looking at raw analytics data in isolation. We adopt a range of user research techniques to support our user experience (UX) design process when required, allowing our team to map out personas and their needs. A UX led approach is recommended, and particularly important for businesses struggling to convert users across their websites.

With this considered, it is especially concerning if your business doesn’t cater to customers across all device types. Having a website with content which is only adapted for a desktop computer not only limits and restricts engagement with your business, but also negatively impacts the conversion rate.

Some of these approaches and techniques include:

  • Gathering data and behavioural insights
  • User interviews
  • Stakeholder Surveys

The objective of moving through the user experience design process, before jumping straight into a redesign of your website, is not only to understand your users more effectively and how they engage with your business online; but also to establish clear pathways and user flows through your website. 

A smart approach to understanding your users through UX will enable the web designers to create an outstanding user interface (UI) design for your business.

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